Graffiti left untreated frequently invites more graffiti. City councils may actually require businesses to remove graffiti from their properties or incur fines. Companies can pay out on average $10,000 dollars every month to replace expensive glass vandalized by graffiti.  Windows, mirrors, and bus shelters are prime targets for thugs to leave scratches or acid etchings.


Anti-Graffiti Film

S&T Window Films provide the Anti-Graffiti film. Installed on the outside on your windows and doors it is a sacrificial film which protects your window surfaces from graffiti damage. It is optically clear and gives you maximum protection against scratches and acid etching. It is a cost effective alternative as you only replace the film, not the glass.


Scratch Removal

Before replacing your graffiti damaged window or door contact S&T Window Films. We remove scratches and acid etching with our scratch removal system. We can also remove mineral deposits, lime, rust stains, power washing chemical deposits and aluminum deposits.   Save money on replacing your windows by getting your scratches removed. Combine S&T Window Films’ Scratch Removal and Anti-Graffiti Film installation for complete restoration and continued protection.



Graffiti is unsightly and if left untreated sends the wrong message to people and potential customers about the neighborhood and the quality of the business in the area.

Having to replace glass can be expensive and an unnecessary drain on company profits.  However, there is an alternative to replacement and that is to remove the scratches from the glass. S&T Window Films have successfully helped businesses regain control of their image through total graffiti management.

Total Graffiti Management starts with removing the graffiti from the glass with our scratch removal system and then adding a protective layer of anti graffiti window film.  The film is optically clear and sacrificial; it is easily replaceable and is affordable for every budget. We can remove glass scratches from windows, doors, and mirrors.  Our scratch removal system will remove hard water deposits from the glass too.

You can benefit by saving money on expensive glass replacement and by continued protection in the future.  By applying anti graffiti film to your windows and doors you also benefit with 99% UV protection preventing interior furniture and artwork from premature fading.


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