Hanis Consulting, Inc. provides a wide range of services to solve the simplest to most complex environmental business challenges. Each client is unique and has specific needs and priorities. We listen to each client and provide the best possible service for each situation.

Below is a sample of the services and expertise that we provide. Call us to discuss how we can help you overcome your environmental challenges and achieve your project goals. E-mail or call us today to setup a free consultation appointment.

Real Estate Transaction Support

Selling or buying commercial or industrial real estate typically requires a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to limit the buyer's environmental liability. Hanis Consulting, Inc. can prepare Phase I Reports and perform Phase II Limited Site Investigations, if Recognized Environmental Conditions are discovered. Our staff have prepared many Phase I and Phase II reports in support of real estate transactions. We typically offer our Phase I Reports for a flat fee, based on the size and complexity of the property. Therefore, our clients do not need to worry about cost overruns. Contact us for a sample Phase I Report or if you need a proposal for your site.

Fractured Bedrock

Fractured bedrock is not only challenging to investigate and remediate, but if not done properly, can lead to expensive consequences. Hanis Consulting, Inc. not only has expertise in fractured bedrock investigations and remediation, we are also members of a nationwide team aiding in the development of technical guidance for the characterization and remediation of fractured rock.


We provide support for environmental litigation, including expert witness testimony, deposition and written opinions.

Site Investigations

From small Phase II investigations to large complex remedial investigations, our experience allows us to design the most cost-effective investigation using the latest technology so you can minimize the number of times that you need to go back for more data.

Permitting & Compliance

We offer assistance with various permitting and compliance tasks for industry and remediation of contaminated sites.

Manufactured Gas Plants

Former Manufactured Gas Plants (MGPs) have a set of unique challenges. Not only are the contaminants heavier than water, they are also typical very viscous. With our experience, we can develop unique solutions to characterize and remediate coal tar contamination, especially once is has entered fractured bedrock.

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